Market 12 - Means to implement obligations on the PT Group

By determination of 30 April 2008, ANACOM approved a draft decision on the means to implement obligations maintained on the PT Group in the scope of market 12 (wholesale broadband access).

This decision was adopted following ANACOM’s commitment given in determination of 3 April 2008, wherein this Authority stated its reasoning in regard to ZON Multimédia’s spin-off, and focuses mainly on updating determination of 3 October 2007, which approved the method to assess margin squeezes in broadband offers provided by the PT Group - 1:50 contention offers.

ANACOM has specifically:

  • Removed the obligation on companies of the PT Group to inform this Authority of conditions practised at retail level, including any discounts, 10 days ahead of the date on which these conditions are supposed to enter into force, this communication being now due after the conditions enter into force - that is, within at the most 5 working days after that date, attaching proper reasoning thereto;
  • Updated retail costs taken into consideration in the scope of the method to assess margin squeezes and considered the existence of additional traffic revenues.

This assessment is without prejudice to conclusions that result from ongoing market analyses, namely analyses of markets 4 and 5 of Commission Recommendation on relevant markets (Recommendation 2007/879/EC of 17 December 2007).

As set out in the Code of Administrative Procedure, the draft decision was the subject of a prior hearing of interested parties who were given 10 working days to submit their opinions in writing.


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