XVI AICEP Forum - Praia

The XVI Forum of the AICEP - Associação de Operadores de Correios e Telecomunicações dos Países de Língua Oficial Portuguesa (Association of Post and Telecommunications Operators of Portuguese Speaking Countries) opened today in Praia, Cape Verde, taking place until 30 April, on the theme ''Communications: a world in change''.

The proceedings of the Forum involve the analysis of the new perspectives in terms of telecommunication and postal services, sectoral and industry regulation, and are being attended by representatives of sectoral regulators, including ANACOM, university professors, managers of companies from the communications sector, representatives of international organisations and specialist associations.

During this event, the 2006 FPC - Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações (Portuguese Communications Foundation) Prize will be awarded to José Pedro de Rodrigues Peixoto Ribeiro Cardoso, a member of ANACOM's staff, for the work ''Análise da qualidade de serviço (QoS) na perspectiva do utilizador dos serviços mais comuns em sistemas celulares GSM e UMTS'' (Analysis of quality of service (QoS) from the perspective of the user of the most common services in GSM and UMTS cellular systems).

ANACOM is an institutional member of AICEP.

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