European concerned about data protection

A recent Eurobarometer poll, included in a study developed by the Gallup Organization for the Directorate-General for Justice, Freedom and Security of the European Commission, reveals that 64 per cent of European Union (EU) citizens are concerned about data protection issues and consider that there is a lack of awareness and information. Less than half of those surveyed believed that their personal data was correctly protected in their country, while 54 per cent viewed national legislation as being incapable of responding to the demands of the growing number of people who share data on the Internet.

The study further shows that, in companies, 91 per cent of those responsible for the management of private data consider data protection to be necessary, while half do not think that existing laws can cope with the growing volume of data exchanged online. Just 5 per cent believe that the current legal framework corresponds appropriately to the needs of personal data protection.