Digital Agenda for Europe - conclusions of EU Council

The European Union (EU) Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council of Ministers has held its latest session in Brussels, on 31 May 2010, concluding with the adoption of a raft of conclusions which support the Digital Agenda for Europe presented by the European Commission (EC).

In a press release, the Council supports the establishment of an ambitious agenda based on concrete proposals, aiming in particular at:

  • creating a fully functioning digital Single Market to the benefit of European businesses and consumers;

  • strengthening Europe's competitive position through reinforcing efforts on information and communication technology (ICT) Research and Development and Innovation and boosting the knowledge triangle;

  • taking coordinated measures on network and information security in order to increase trust and confidence in cyberspace;

  • deploying effective measures to promote pro-competitive investments in broadband for all;

  • enhancing interoperability of ICT solutions in Europe and promote a better use of standards;

  • evaluating the Digital Agenda for Europe by the European Commission on a regular basis and reporting to the Council and the European Parliament.

The Council further notes the focusing of the Digital Agenda for Europe in its key actions in order to ensure that the economic, social and cultural potential of ICT is exploited to the maximum, while supporting the approach taken by the EC to implement the "Digital Agenda for Europe" on the basis of a wide stakeholder involvement.

The Council also draws the attention of governments to the significance of the Digital Agenda for Europe for the economic and social development in the EU for their discussion at the European Council in June 2010, which should finally launch the Europe 2020 Strategy, a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

In the margins of the Council, the Conference of the representatives of the governments of the member states took the decision to locate the seat of the Office of BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) in Riga. With this decision, the BEREC office becomes fully operational.

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