ANACOM new launches interactive service to answer citizen queries

From today, June 17, ANACOM is making available a Virtual Assistant service at http://anacom.inbenta.com This is an informative and interactive service designed to answer queries put to it by citizens on a range of different topics, including roaming, portability and message-based valued added services.

Using the service is simple: just write the question in a text area and you will at once receive one or more answers, depending on the question asked. No specific technical terms need to be used when asking the question and users can write is if they were speaking directly to a call centre operator.

This service also enables ANACOM to monitor the questions raised by users and, where necessary, add new questions and answers to the base of content supporting the Virtual Assistant. This information is also available for consultation using the link "List of topics" on the Virtual Assistant’s main interface.

After its launch, it is estimated that the service will be able to give correct responses to between 80 to 85 percent of the queries put to it, whereas the remaining unanswered queries will provide ANACOM with a useful base which it can use to add more questions and answers.

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