Chairman of ANACOM goes before Parliament

On 22 June 2010, the Chairman of ANACOM's Management Board went before Parliament to provide clarifications as part of the hearings being conducted on digital terrestrial television (DTT) by the Committee on Ethics, Society and Culture, in conjunction with the Committee on Public Works, Transport and Communications, subsequent to a summons presented by the PSD Parliamentary Group.

ANACOM's Chairman explained that the main objective of this Authority is the accomplishment of the process of transition from analogue TV to digital terrestrial television (Mux A), pursuant to the timetable stipulated for the definitive switch-off of the current television transmission model, whose success is also dependent on the effective involvement of all those involved in the process.

José Amado da Silva answered a range of questions, including questions on the request submitted by PT Comunicações to revoke the act of allocation of rights of use of frequencies associated with the paid component of the DTT platform (Multiplexers B to F), which process is pending the final decision of ANACOM subsequent to the public consultation held on the matter.