ANACOM Regulation on quality of service

ANACOM has decided not to proceed, at this time, with the amendment of Regulation no. 46/2005, published on 14 June (Regulation on Quality of Service - RQS), which will consequently continue to apply solely to the service of access to the public telephone network at a fixed location and to the publically available telephone service, irrespective of the supporting technology.

This extension, introducing the inclusion of parameters of quality of service in respect of Internet access, has, for the moment, been withdrawn. It is considered, in particular, that in order to ensure that users derive maximum benefit in terms of choice, price and quality, as well as to promote clarification for consumers on quality of service provided in respect of access to the Internet, that there are currently means which, for the organisations involved, are more rapid, less onerous and more easily adapted to changes in the market.

This decision was adopted following the conclusion of the consultation procedure, which ANACOM launched on 11 October 2006, on the draft amendment to the RQS, with the report on this consultation likewise receiving approval.

In this context, ANACOM will continue with actions developed in order to improve the quality of service with respect to the service of Internet access and to the information provided on quality, and will implement a raft of additional measures in this area in the near future.

In particular, trends in the number and content of complaints received on quality of service with respect to the service of Internet access and other electronic communication services will continue to be closely monitored, along with the way in which the companies supplying the service of Internet access provide information to the public on the levels of quality of service offered and the content of information of this nature included in contracts made with customers.

In view of the evolution seen, other measures may be approved, which, pursuant to the current legal framework, may be considered necessary to guarantee that consumers are provided with a suitable level of information in terms of quality of service in respect of access to the Internet or other additional electronic communication services.