Annual communications questionnaires

The annual questionnaire on the electronic communications (EC) sector is now available on ANACOM’s website.

For this questionnaire there are two models: model A for companies that completed the 2007 questionnaire, and model B for new companies whose licenses were issued during 2007.

All operators of networks and providers of electronic communication services are requested to complete the questionnaire under the terms of paragraph 1 of article 108 and point f) of paragraph 1 of article 109 of Law no. 5/2004 of 10 February.

The completed questionnaire should be sent to ANACOM, by post or by email to, and should be sent no later than 30 calendar days following the date on which the faxes requesting their completion were sent to the network operators and service providers concerned.

Any queries about completing these questionnaires can be sent to ANACOM, using the same email address