International Roaming

The European Regulators Group (ERG) has published the report of the first exhaustive compilation of data on the service of international roaming completed since the publication of Regulation EC no. 717/2007, of 27 of June on roaming on public mobile telephone networks in the European Union.

The ERG points out that, while it isn't yet possible to reach definitive conclusions on the effects of this regulation, the information collected (with reference to the period of April to September 2007) suggests that, following the entry of this regulation into force, there has been a reduction in the tariffs for the service of roaming.

The group considers that this and subsequent information, to compiled on a biannual basis, will provide a basis for the European Commission's review of this regulation, due at the end of 2008.

The ERG has also released the final document with guidelines for roaming, following up on the guidelines issued by the group in July and August 2007. These guidelines act as a complement to the Regulation on roaming, while not constituting a legal interpretation.


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