Frequency usage rights of RTP for analogue television broadcasting - consultation

ANACOM  gave approval on 3 January 2008 to the draft decision which includes the conditions to be associated with the frequency usage rights and to be contained in the titles to be issued to RTP in respect of the exercise of the activity of analogue broadcasting, as well as the recuperation, without any charge, of the frequencies concerned, upon the setting of the switch-off date of analogue system television broadcasting. This date is set out in the NFAP  (National Frequency Allocation Plan).

The recuperation by ANACOM, also without any type of charge, of the frequencies allocated for the provision of the television service in analogue format on the date designated for the switch-off has already been safeguarded with respect to SIC and TVI by decision of 6 July 2006. It is therefore important that the corresponding frequency usage rights be now issued to RTP subject to, with due adaptation, the same conditions as applied in the case of the other television operators.

RTP is the concessionaire of the public television service and holder of usage rights in respect of the frequency bands of the analogue television broadcasting service, covering the services of RTP 1, RTP 2, RTP Açores and RTP Madeira.

This draft decision is subject to the general consultation procedure, by which all interested parties are given a period of twenty working days (until 19 February 2008) to submit their comments in writing, sending them by email to Once the consultation process has been concluded, the responses received will be published on this website. Interested parties should therefore clearly mark any items considered confidential.

Subsequently, the drafts of the title to issued will be submitted to a prior hearing of RTP under the terms of the Code of Administrative Procedure.