DTT - ANACOM approved switch-off plan

/ Updated on 12.01.2012

By determination of 24 June 2010 and in fulfilment of Resolution of Council of Ministers No. 26/2009, published on 17 March, ANACOM gave approval to the final decision on the detailed plan for the cessation of terrestrial analogue transmissions (switch-off plan), associated with the introduction of digital terrestrial television (DTT) in Portugal.

Approval was likewise given to the report of the prior hearing and of the public consultation to which the corresponding draft decision was submitted, following determination of 15 April 2010. As part of these consultation processes, commentary was received from the following organisations and people: Custódio Cardoso Pereira, PT Comunicações, SIC - Sociedade Independente de Comunicação, Vodafone Portugal, ZON TV Cabo Portugal, António Durão, Manuel Silva and Paulo Rosa.

In the light of the comments received, ANACOM decided, in essence, to maintain the Switch-Off Plan submitted to the consultation.

However, for merely operational reasons, alterations were made to the switch-off dates of analogue terrestrial television transmission of the transmitters/relays of the first phase so that they coincide with a working day. As such, the phases are now scheduled as follows:

1st Phase - 12 January 2012, for transmitters/relays providing coverage of the coastal area of the mainland territory;

2nd Phase - 22 March 2012, for transmitters/relays providing coverage of the Autonomous Regions of Azores and Madeira;

3rd Phase - 26 April 2012, for transmitters/relays providing coverage of the remaining mainland territory.

Where they are not sure, users covered by phases 2 and 3 should confirm, if necessary by consulting a specialist technician, which analogue station they are receiving their signal from, depending on how their aerial is pointed, in order to ascertain the date when they will stop receiving analogue signals according to the Switch-Off Plan.

With respect to pilot zones, ANACOM also took the position, in light of comments made by PT Comunicações, to clarify that this company and the television operators responsible for the organisation of television programme services of free and non-conditional access will be duly involved in the definition of the set of pilot test relays and respective switch-off dates, which process will be addressed by a specific determination following this Switch-Off Plan.

As part of its information plan and oversight of the transition process, including in the pilot zones to be defined, ANACOM is receiving participation and involvement from local authorities and other relevant local bodies.


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