Commission to bring eCall back on track - Action Plan

The European Commission has published a Communication “Bringing eCall back on track - Action Plan”. This communication of 23 November 2006 calls on Member States and the auto industry to speed up progress in achieving the objectives set out by the eCall action plan.

Based on the single European 112 emergency number, the E112, eCall technology alerts the emergency services and gives them the exact location of a vehicle when it is involved in an accident.

The goal of the action plan on eCall, approved by the Commission and the auto sector in 2005, is for new vehicles in the EU to be equipped with this technology from 2009. However, in spite of the measures adopted by the Commission supporting the deployment and standardisation of this technology, the Commission affirms that many Member States are making slow progress in implementing the necessary infrastructure and that in the industry new action is currently deadlocked.

Therefore, specific actions have been allocated to Member States and deadlines have been set for the resolution of the legal, technical and socio-economic problems that are currently hindering the deployment of the necessary infrastructure. The Commission has appealed to the industry to renew the commitment that it has made and has pledged to follow developments closely.

In the meantime the industry has put forward a new schedule for the implementation of the proposed measures in 2010 in place of 2009.

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