''A smile with ICTs'' - 2nd Phase

FDTI - Fundação para a Divulgação das Tecnologias de Informação (Foundation for the Propagation of the Information Technologies) has today launched phase 2 of their initiative “A smile with ICTs  ” at the Reynaldo dos Santos Hospital in Vila Franca de Xira. The launch of this second phase of the Project will also involve Infante D. Pedro Hospital  in Aveiro and São Marcos Hospital in Braga, where official ceremonies will be held tomorrow at 12pm and 4pm respectively.
The goal of this project, which ANACOM has been sponsoring since its inception in 2005, is to provide paediatric units of public hospitals with technological equipment that will provide their younger patients (2 to 14 years) with the chance to engage in leisure activities, to contact family and friends and to keep up with their schoolwork. Aimed also at technicians, hospital volunteers and patients’ families, the project has two approaches: the first is to install equipment such as multimedia computers with leisure and educational software and broadband internet connections; the other is to provide training to the children’s carers.
This new phase will last two years and will go on to involve four other paediatric units in public hospitals, bringing the total to seven in 2007.


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