Application for intervention lodged by Radiomovel

ANACOM  approved a draft decision on the application for intervention lodged by Radiomovel, within the context of the dispute between this company and Vodafone Portugal regarding interconnection of the corresponding mobile networks. This determination has been submitted to the prior hearing of both companies, as interested parties, pursuant to articles 100 and 101 of the Code of Administrative Procedure, who were given 10 working days to submit their opinion on the matter.

Vodafone Portugal was also notified to provide its opinion, within the same time limit, on the interconnection application lodged by Radiomovel, so that ANACOM may analyse the need and opportunity to take action, on its own initiative, to encourage and ensure an appropriate interconnection, as well as service interoperability, in order to weight effectiveness and sustainable competition and to draw out the greatest possible benefit for users. Radiomovel was likewise notified on this matter, and may, in this scope, assess the matter and add any particulars deemed necessary to those already put forward to ANACOM on 25 July 2006.