Broadband wireless access (BWA) - public consultation

By determination of 23 November 2006, ANACOM approved the launch of a public consultation on the introduction of broadband wireless (BWA) in Portugal, taking into consideration the positions which have been discussed at the level of international bodies, namely the European Commission (EC) and the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT), as well as the results of a timely public consultation promoted by this Authority on FWA (fixed wireless access), in order to restructure the corresponding rights to use radio spectrum in Portugal.
In this scope, the European Commission, acknowledging the importance of broadband communications within the i2010 initiative, gave a mandate to CEPT to identify the technical conditions, with a view to operating frequency bands deemed more appropriate and harmonized for BWA purposes. The work accomplished so far has led to the conclusion that the priority bands for BWA applications are the 3,6 GHz and 5,8 GHz bands, and that the applicable technical and regulatory framework for the use of BWA systems within these bands shall be governed by the following instruments:

  • Decision CEPT/ECC (Electronic Communications Committee) on BWA applications in the 3,6 GHz (3400-3800 GHz) frequency band, which shall be adopted for CEPT public consultation until the end of the year;

  • Recommendation CEPT/ECC (06)04, on BFWA systems (Broadband Fixed Wireless Access), in the 5,8 GHz (5725-5875 GHz) frequency band, which is also about to be approved.

The action plan outlined in Administrative Rule no. 1962/2004, of 25 August, following the public consultation on fixed wireless access (FWA) systems, must also be taken into consideration: in the initial stage (Stage I), ANACOM, having heard companies holding FWA licenses, resized their rights to use radio spectrum, comprising only the spectrum formerly allocated, and disregarded requests for additional spectrum or for changes of use; in the second stage (Stage II), given the available spectrum and interested entities, ANACOM will define the allocation process.
The public consultation now launched by ANACOM aims to gather the opinion of the different market participants (manufacturers, operators, users, and others), which shall contribute towards the decision on the future framework defining the way in which BWA applications should be introduced in frequency bands under consideration.
For this purpose, a 20-working-day time limit was established. The deadline for reception of comments, which must be sent preferably by email to, thus expires on 2 January 2007. Once the consultation procedure has been completed, received replies shall be disclosed in this website. For this reason, interested parties are requested to state clearly the elements deemed confidential.


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