Public consultation on the protection of minors using mobile phones

The public consultation launched by the European Commission on 25 July on the protection of minors using mobile phones will be open until 16 October. The consultation aims to gather factual information and views from different stakeholders on the risks faced by children in their use of mobile content services, the existing technical and regulatory solutions and the prospect for further action, namely at European level.

All interested parties are invited to participate, namely child safety organizations, parent organizations, consumer organizations, mobile network operators, content providers, handset manufacturers, and regulators. They are invited to comment on issues regarding content and behaviour, such as harmful or illegal content, bullying, ''grooming'', privacy and the risk of unexpectedly high bills, among others.

This consultation is part of a process started in June last year, with a plenary session of the Safer Internet Forum, which gathered several representatives from the industry and child welfare organizations. This Forum is part of the Commission's Safer Internet Programme, running since 1999, and aims to provide parents and teachers with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure Internet safety.

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