International Presence - updated information


Consult developments from the most recent international meetings involving ANACOM, namely:


CEPT - European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations

 ECC PT1 - Oslo

 Plenary meeting - Galway

 PT SE 19 - Dublin

 PT PP06 - Istanbul

EU - European Union

 Radio Spectrum Committee - Brussels

 Workshop to present postal studies - Brussels

IRG - Independent Regulators Group

 PT 2006 Review - Paris

ITSO - International Telecommunication Satellites Organisation

 ITSO Assembly of Parties - Paris

ITU - International Telecommunication Union

 Study Group - SG9 (Fixed Service) - Kobe

 Telecommunications Standardisation Advisory Group - Geneva

UPAEP- Postal Union of the Americas, Spain and Portugal

 UPAEP Future WG - Lisbon

UPU - Universal Postal Union

 UPU Structure and Constitution WG - Berne