Tariff Monitor - one year in operation and future developments

On 28 July the mobile telephone service's Tariff Monitor completes one year of being publicly available.

After one year in operation, the Monitor registered about 60 thousand accesses and 110 thousand simulation operations, a monthly average of about 5 thousand accesses and 9.1 thousand simulations.

Graph 1- Evolution in the number of accesses and performed operations

Graph 1- Evolution in the number of accesses and performed operations

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Aiming to promote the Monitor as well as to broaden its use among the users of mobile telephone communications, ANACOM launched an information campaign, between 17 April and 17 July 2006, with the participation of several relevant entities.

The evolution in the use of the Monitor clearly shows the positive impact of this campaign in terms of use. The daily average number of accesses and performed simulation operations went from 55 and 71, respectively, in the month before the beginning of the campaign, to average daily figures of 341 accesses and 438 performed operations in the month after the beginning of the campaign, an increase in use of about 516%.

In terms of developments, the Monitor includes from now on a new improvement regarding the monthly consumption, offering the option ''My monthly consumption profile''. This feature makes it possible for the user to get detailed information on their profile, which can be changed and used in further simulations, further to a monthly consumption simulation.

ANACOM will soon make some improvements to the Tariff Monitor in terms of accessibility, namely by offering its text version (Web Accessibility Initiative - WAI channel). This version will provide better accessibility to citizens with disabilities and will also benefit narrowband Internet access citizens and those with lower capacity hardware, such as dial-up accesses (about 15% of users) and those who access the Internet using mobile telephones.

ANACOM also plans to broaden the simulator to include other communications services, such as the Internet access service, which is expected to occur during 2007.

The Tariff Monitor is a simulator developed by ANACOM with the cooperation of the three mobile operators, (TMN, Vodafone and Optimus), giving private consumers, for free, the information they need to assess the mobile service’s tariff alternatives available in Portugal.


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