Proposed European Commission Regulation on Roaming

Decree-Law no. 210/2006, of 27 October, approving the new organic law of the Ministério das Obras Públicas, Transportes e Comunicações - MOPTC (Ministry for Public Works, Transport and Communications) has been published.
The restructuring of the MOPTC requires the establishment of new bodies, including: the Conselho Consultivo das Obras Públicas, Transportes e Comunicações (Advisory Council for Public Works, Transport and Communications), that supports the Government in addressing the issues related to its field of activity; the Gabinete de Planeamento Estratégico e Relações Internacionais - GPERI (Office for Strategic Planning and International Relations), which integrates, among others, the powers of the former Gabinete dos Assuntos Europeus e Relações Externas - GAERE (Office for European Affairs and External Relations); and the Inspecção-Geral das Obras Públicas, Transportes e Comunicações - IGOPTC (General Inspectorate of Public Works, Transport and Communications), which is responsible for checking the legality of measures taken by services and bodies of the MOPTC, or subject to its supervision, and for assessing the management and results thereof.

The approved amendments concerning services and bodies shall only take effect following the entry into force of the respective organic statutory instruments, which shall be approved within 90 days from the entry into force of this new organic law.

ANACOM, being an independent administrative body, remains within the scope of the MOPTC, the head of which exercises powers as regards the definition of guidelines for bodies entrusted with tasks in relation to posts and electronic communications, including the follow up of their implementation. To that extent, one of the assignments of the MOPTC is the development and regulation of the communications activity.

Moreover, as provided for in the preamble of the statutory instrument, the Comissões de Planeamento de Emergência do Transporte Aéreo (Committees for the Air Transportation Emergency Planning), do Transporte Marítimo (for the Sea Transportation Emergency Planning), dos Transportes Terrestres (for the Road Transportation Emergency Planning) and das Comunicações (for the Communications Emergency Planning) shall be reorganized, their executive role being pursued hereinafter by the heads of sector for these activities.

This statutory instrument repeals Decree-Law no. 58/2005, of 4 March, which shall nonetheless remain in force until the organic statutory instruments ruling the new services and bodies now approved enter into force.

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