Choice of detailed or non-detailed billing

ANACOM has determined (determination of 8 July) that PT Comunicações (PTC) must send a form to those subscribers who signed up to service contracts of a model pre-dating the contractual model approved on 8 July 2005. This form gives these subscribers the option of choosing between detailed or non-detailed billing.
The form must be sent with the customer’s bill within a period of 60 working days from 01 July 2006. It must clearly state what will be detailed and itemised with each type of billing option. It must also inform the subscriber that, if they do not respond within a period set by PTC, they will continue to be sent the same type of bill which they have been receiving or which they had previously chosen.
When the deadline for returning these forms has passed, PTC will provide bills with a level of detail that conforms with point 2 of article 94 of the Electronic Communications Law to all such subscribers who opted for this type of billing. These details include, line rental charges (where applicable), price for usage, broken down into the various call traffic categories with each call itemised and individually costed; equipment rental charges (where applicable); installation charges in respect to accessory equipment ordered after the customer started using the service; and compensation refunds.
Furthermore, PTC must show ANACOM that it has fulfilled its obligations by sending the regulator a copy of the form it has sent to its subscribers.
As part of the process of reaching this determination, a preliminary hearing of interested parties was held on the draft decision of 15 December 2005.

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