ANACOM website found to be accessible to users with disabilities

Over the past year, ANACOM has subjected its website to a number tests of usability and accessibility with a view to identifying barriers of access to the information published. After the usability tests, conducted by the company Work Value, and the expert analysis of the website's accessibility, performed by the HCIM - Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia team, ANACOM has again put the accessibility of its website to the test, submitting it to tests conducted by a group of users with different visual (partial and total blindness) and motor (severe and fine) disabilities. This study was also organized and led by the HCIM team, part of the LaSIGE Research Laboratory, Science Faculty of Universidade de Lisboa.

Through the study it was found that ANACOM’s website (www.anacom.pt is adapted to the needs of users with disabilities. According to the study, "all established good practices were largely verified, whereby the user experience and, as a result,  the level of satisfaction in interacting with the website was high for the users who participated in this evaluation process, compared to the general state of accessibility on the Web" and, above all, other public websites governed by Council of Ministers Resolution No 155/2007.

The results also note the best practices of accessibility followed in the design, development and maintenance of ANACOM’s website, which contribute largely to this fact, including compliance with the rules of Web page structure and presentation, the existence of alternative text and high contrast versions of the website, and the development of a broad set of rules for editing content that enable full access to information.

The users conducting the tests successfully completed over two dozen proposed tasks  (81.5%).