APDSI releases Information Society glossary

APDSI, Associação para a Promoção e Desenvolvimento da Sociedade da Informação (Association for Promotion and Development of Information Society), publicly released yesterday, 24 October, at the Padrão dos Descobrimentos  in Lisbon, the “Information Society Glossary”, which intends to contribute to the systematization and dissemination of the most adequate terminology in the field of information and communication technology.

Developed by APDSI in cooperation with the Instituto de Informática (Informatics Institute), Microsoft and the Comissão Técnica Portuguesa de Terminologia Informática (Portuguese Computing Terminology Technical Commission), the glossary contains more than 400 words in Portuguese mainly in the areas of computing, new technologies and business. It is available on the Internet until the end of the year, on the www.apdsi.pt website, so that interested parties may give suggestions and contributions.

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