World Post Day

''The postal sector, an important partner in the information society'' was the theme selected this year by the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) Director General, Edouard Dayan, to celebrate the World Post Day on 9 October, the anniversary of the establishment of UPU. The UPU Director General’s message thus underlines the importance of the postal sector in the worldwide communications network, highlighting the modernity of postal services and their contribution to the objectives set at the World Summit on Information Society (WSIS), which second phase will be in Tunis (Tunisia) on November next.

Tomorrow, 11 October, the Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações will hold the World Post Day commemoration ceremony, with the presence of the chairmen of ANACOM and CTT - Correios de Portugal, among other entities. ANACOM and CTT, together with the company Portugal Telecom, are the founders of the Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações.

The event includes several initiatives: the inauguration of an exhibition of original postal stamps produced by the postal services of the former Portuguese overseas possessions; the inauguration of a philatelic merit exhibition (private collection from Pedro Vaz Ferreira); the launch of the 2nd volume of the History of Communications, Communications in the Modern Age (“As Comunicações na Idade Moderna”) produced by the University of Coimbra and coordinated by Margarida Sobral Neto, PhD; and the launch of the philatelic thematic release on media: “Press, Radio and Television”.

The ceremony will also include the delivery of the 2005 letter-writing competition prizes and the launch of the 2006 letter-writing competition, promoted worldwide by UPU and by CTT and ANACOM in Portugal.

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