ANACOM’s presentation at the IV Telecom Forum of Diário Económico

The presentation given by the member of ANACOM’s Board of Directors Teresa Maury to the IV Telecom Forum of Diário Económico, on 27 September last at the Pestana Palace Hotel in Lisbon, is now available.

The presentation, which theme was “Challenges to regulation in the electronic communications sector”, focused on four main points: (i) the importance of the sector, (ii) the regulation’s standpoint, (iii) evolution trends and (iv) the regulator’s concerns.

The ideas underlining the main conclusions are as follows: the communications sector is structuring for the country; regulation must care for the specificities of the Portuguese market and it requires flexibility and permanent adaptation to change; ex-ante regulation is needed in the electronic communications markets, although it should be increasingly reduced; regulatory measures should promote innovation and development.

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