Public papers given by ANACOM's chairman

ANACOM's Chairman Pedro Duarte Neves will give a paper on the postal sector at the World Post Day commemorative ceremony, tomorrow, 11 October, at the Portuguese Communications Foundation.

Pedro Duarte Neves will also be one of the speakers at the15th Communications Congress of APDC - Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications), from 8 to 10 November at the Lisbon Congress Centre in Junqueira.

His paper, on the “Evolution of Regulation on the Internal Market - Policies”, is scheduled for the morning of the second day of the Congress, 9 November.

On the following day, 10 November, ANACOM’s chairman will participate in the «Next Generation Regulation - Developing Competitive Communications» conference, organized by Ofcom, the British regulator, in Edinburgh on the 10 and 11 of that month. At this conference, Pedro Duarte Neves will be part of the panel “EU framework - investment in next generation networks”, which will also have Paul Champsaur, chairman of the French communications regulator, and Alexandrina Hirtan, vice-chairman of the Romanian regulator. This panel will analyze how European regulators are facing the challenges that stem from the transition towards new generation networks.

Also in November, in Sintra (a town in the Lisbon area, in Portugal), on 11 and 12 of that month, there will be an annual conference gathering the chairmen of European and Latin-American regulators. ANACOM’s chairman will welcome his peers from IRG, Independent Regulators Group (Europe), and from Regulatel, the Latin-American regulators group, at the official dinner that marks the beginning of works.

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