European Commission publishes studies on postal sector

Two studies on the Postal Sector, focusing on the liberalization process planned for 2009, have recently been published on the European Commission's website.
The first study, ''The impact on universal service of the full market accomplishment of the postal internal market in 2009'', carried out between November 2005 and May 2006, addresses the sustainability of the universal postal service in each EU member state and the impact that competition will have on the provision of that universal service in a totally liberalized market.
The other study, ''Main developments in the postal sector (2004-2006)'' brings together relevant information from across the sector. This will allow the Commission to complete, by the end of  2006, the respective biannual report on the application of the Postal Directive. This report also sets out the regulatory and market developments that have been seen in the European Postal sector since the adoption of the directive in 1997.


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