Survey on the use of postal services

The report with the main results of the survey on the use of postal services analysing the use and quality perception of postal services in Portugal is already available. This survey was made by ANACOM and Consulmark between 9 and 26 January 2006.

Among this study’s main results, the fact that almost half of the users of postal services in Portugal (about 46.6%) said that they were ''satisfied'' or ''very satisfied'' with the quality of service evolution in the last twelve months stands out. According to this data, only 3.1% of users are ''not satisfied'' with that quality evolution.

Regarding the most used postal service, normal mail and priority mail are still those with the highest number of users, 68% and 57.4% of the interviewed users, respectively, followed, with less importance, by registered mail and mail orders, which are used by 28% and 20.4% of the those interviewed.

Regarding the use of services available at the post offices and postal agencies, the study reveals that ''sending normal correspondence'' is the service with greatest use by those interviewed (mentioned by 86.4% of them), followed by “payment of services” and “reception of registered mail”, which are used by about 23.1% and 21.3% of the interviewed users, respectively.

When asked about the items that they value most in post offices, highlight goes to ''efficiency of staff'', mentioned by about 23.6% of users, followed by ''waiting time before being attended'' (21.4%) and ''opening hours'' (19.5%). As in the case with post offices, ''efficiency of staff'' continues to be the most valued item by the users of postal agencies (21.1%), which, on the other hand, now consider ''location'' as the second most relevant item (20.5%)

Highlight also goes to the results regarding complaints. From the interviewed users, about 9.7% mention that they have already filed a complaint at the post office, which represents a deterioration vis-à-vis the results of June 2005, of about 6.7% of the interviewed users. Among the most important reasons for complaint are ''delivery at wrong address'' and ''delay in delivery'', mentioned by about 33.4% and 31.6% of the interviewed postal service users, respectively.

Regarding methodology, the survey's universe was made up of individuals using at least one postal service, residing in Mainland Portugal and in the autonomous regions of Madeira and the Azores. The sample size was defined in order to assure a maximum error margin of 3.5%, and was stratified by NUTS II based on the last General Population Census (2001 Census). 920 face-to-face and direct interviews were made, in addition to a telephone collection of 320 observations to assess the usage rate of postal services.


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