European Commission launches consultation on RFID technology

The public consultation launched by the European Commission on Radio Frequency Identification technology (RFID), available at the ''Your Voice in Europe'' website, will be on until 17 September next. The Commission intends to assess in which measure it can help to ensure that the increase in the use of tools with RFID  contributes to the competitiveness of the European economy and improves the citizens’ quality of life. It also intends that this consultation process leads to a consensus regarding several issues, such as: the need for a stable political environment fostering all kinds of companies to invest in this technology; the harmonization both of technological standards and of the allocation of radio frequencies; and the protection of individual´s security and privacy.

This public consultation is included in the second phase of an open and interactive discussion on this issue. The first initiative was made up of five workshops that took place between Match and June 2006.
A conference is set for October 2006, where the main conclusions of these two phases of dissemination of RFID technology will be presented, making it possible for the Commission to gather the fundamental items to later present a Communication on this issue to the European Council and the European Parliament.

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