ANACOM Authorizes DVB-T, DVB-H and T-DMB Tests

Following a request by the Telecommunications Institute - Pólo de Aveiro, ANACOM has authorized the institute to use channel 67 (838-846 MHz) until the end of 2006 to carry out technical trials of digital terrestrial television (DVB-T) and digital television for reception on mobile (DVB-H) technologies.
ANACOM has also authorized RTP - Rádio e Televisão de Portugal to use the 12C frequency block (226,592-228,128 MHz) to carry out technical trials of Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (T-DMB) technologies.
The granting of these authorizations does not imply any obligation or condition in relation to further authorizations by ANACOM regarding the allocation of rights to use frequencies set aside for digital terrestrial television or sound radio broadcasting in Portugal.
ANACOM will follow the trials and have access to their conclusions, from a technological perspective as well as in terms of the effective market potential of services based on these technologies.

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