A hundred thousand simulations on Tariff Monitor

Since its launch 11 months ago, ANACOM's online Tariff monitor has been used over one hundred thousand times to make simulations of mobile telephone tariffs. The tariff monitor is a free service provided by ANACOM and developed in conjunction with Portugal's three mobile operators (TMN, Vodafone and Optimus). It allows individual mobile phone users consumers to check, compare and simulate the different tariff options available.

In fact, since being launched and up until 28 June, the monitor has been accessed 56,093 times and has been used to make 104,315 tariff simulations. That gives an average of 5,099 accesses and 9,483 simulations every month.

With the tariff monitor, users have a range of simulation tools at their disposal - monthly usage, call and message comparisons, virtual calls and messages and tariff consultation. Of these, the tariff consultation and the call and message comparison tools were the most used - 57,773 tariff consultations and 31,259 messages and call comparisons, representing respectively 55.4% and 30% of all simulations.

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