Joint Communication - ANACOM and Autoridade da Concorrência

 ANACOM logo with the designation Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações.

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Following the article published today in the newspaper Diário Económico, entitled “Autoridade da Concorrência and ANACOM at odds over new opinion on Sonaecom takeover bid”, ANACOM  and Autoridade da Concorrência, the Portuguese Competition Authority wish to make it clear that the relationship between the two institutions is governed first and foremost by law. It is one of mutual respect and cooperation. As such any allegations to the contrary are unfounded.
Both ANACOM and Autoridade da Concorrência regret the inaccuracy of the information published in the Diário Económico and reaffirm their commitment to continue working together in close cooperation, as they have done until now.
Lisbon, 4 July 2006