Conclusions of the Regional Radiocommunication Conference (RRC-06)

The Regional Radiocommunication Conference (RRC -06) concluded its works on 16 June and, among other decisions, approved an agreement for the digitalization of the radio and television broadcasting services in Europe, Africa, Middle East and in the Islamic Republic of Islam, until 2015.
This agreement, on the migration to digital-based technologies, enclosing the 174-230 MHz and 470-862 MHz frequency bands, sets the end of the analogical technologies for these services, and is an important step for the development of a more even and fair information society, contributing to close the digital gap, especially regarding the most distant communities.
The Secretary-General of the International Communications Union (ITU), Yoshio Utsumi, considers that the digital plan now approved is in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals adopted by the United Nations, offering new possibilities for the development of digital broadcasting, and flexible enough to be adjusted to an ever-evolving industry, such as telecommunications.

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