Guidelines for minimum content of the electronic communication contracts

By determination of 1 September 2005, approval has been given to the guidelines for minimum content to be included in electronic communication contracts.

The aim of this document is to harmonize rules to be included in the standard contract for the supply and provision of the publicly available telephone service (mobile or at a fixed location), of other electronic communications services and of the television distribution service, in order to ensure that such contracts rule a set of issues deemed essential and to comply with a minimum level of information detail.

Moreover, the aim is also to facilitate the relationships between operators and consumers, not only at the moment services are engaged, but also in the course of the period of validity of the signed contracts, by means of clear and unambiguous contractual clauses that enable subscribers and users to give effect to their rights with the service provider and that ensure an increased transparency in the provision of the electronic communications services. In this scope, the identification of the contracting parties, the quality of the provided service, as well as the provision for measures that lead to the swift resolution of conflicts between service providers and consumers should be highlighted.

Approval was given likewise to the final report of the general consultation procedure which this instrument had to undergo, following the determination of 17 May 2005, in the scope of which the following contributions were received: UGC, DECO, FENACOOP, ACOP, Instituto do Consumidor, TMN – Telecomunicações Móveis Nacionais, Onitelecom – Infocomunicações, PT Comunicações, Vodafone Portugal – Comunicações Pessoais, Sonaecom SGPS, Telemilénio, Telecomunicações, Sociedade unipessoal. The individual contribution of Pedro Manuel de Melo Pais de Vasconcelos was also received.