Finnish Presidency of EU

On 1 July Finland will take over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from Austria whose term spanned the first six months of 2006.

The agenda of the Finnish presidency includes a review of the current regulatory framework for electronic communications and addresses such issues as a coordinated approach to combating unsolicited emails (spam), the sustainability of infrastructures and communication services, e-government, reviewing the Postal Directive, European radio spectrum policy and internet governance.

Furthermore, the Finnish presidency is committed to focusing on the development and application of the i2010 Strategy - “A European Information Society for growth and employment". Accordingly, the i2010 Conference has been arranged for 27 and 28 September with the theme “Towards a Ubiquitous European Information Society”. Based on the concept of “U-society” which refers to a society of ubiquitous information (information available everywhere and at any time), the aim of the conference is to debate the opportunities and challenges that information technology presents to society with the issue of data, communication network and system security.

Two meetings of the European Council of Ministers of Transport, Telecommunications and Energy have been scheduled during the Finnish Presidency - the first for 12 October and the second for 23 November.

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