Alterations in the Reference Conduit Access Offer of PTC (RCAO) have been approved

By determination of 26 May 2006, ANACOM approved the alterations to be introduced in the Reference Conduit Access Offer (RCAO) of the concessionaire PT Comunicações (PTC) and to the procedures for the creation, maintenance and update of a database with descriptive information on conduits and associated infrastructure.

The alterations determined, to be introduced by PTC in the RCAO within a 15-day deadline, concern a large range of associated aspects. It has been established likewise that the RCAO will enter into force thirty days after the approval of this decision and that any alteration thereto takes immediate effect in the relationship with beneficiary entities, save as otherwise explicitly provided by this Authority.

This determination integrates the report of the prior hearing granted to interested parties on the corresponding draft decision, approved by determination of 2 September 2005.


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