Communication on the Strategy for a Secure Information Society

The European Commission has recently adopted a communication outlining its strategy for a Secure Information Society. The Communication also puts forward a framework for revitalising the European Commission strategy as set out in 2001 in the Communication “Network and Information Security: proposal for a European Policy approach”.

The Commission has proposed a three-pronged approach, which involves adopting specific measures on network and information security, the regulatory framework for electronic communications and fighting against cybercrime. It is along these lines that the communication reviews the current state of threats to the security of the Information Society and determines what additional steps should be taken to improve network and information security (NIS).

In mid 2007, the Commission should present a report to the Council and European Parliament on the various activities launched. It will also report on individual initiatives, including those of ENISA and those taken at Member State level and in the private sector. If appropriate, the Commission will propose a Recommendation on network and information security (NIS).

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