Alterations to the leased lines reference offer have been approved

By determination of 26 May 2006, ANACOM approved the decision on the leased lines reference offer (LLRO), which establishes that PT Comunicações must alter and publish the LLRO  within a 15-day time limit, taking into account the principles of non-discrimination and cost orientation. The alterations under consideration concern, namely, the reduction in line prices, reduction of supply times for network line installation and the definition of compensation for non-compliance with such time limits, among other aspects. This determination integrates the prior hearing report of interested parties on the corresponding draft decision, approved by determination of16 March 2006, which comprises the analysis of comments received.
It was decided in parallel to submit to the prior hearing of interested parties a draft decision which puts forward the implementation of additional alterations to the LLRO, including the definition of price ceilings. Interested parties were granted 10 days to assess this draft measure.
This determination takes into consideration the regulation objectives provided for in the law, such as the promotion of competition in the provision of electronic communications networks and services, the guarantee that users derive maximum benefit in terms of choice, price and quality, the encouragement of efficient investment in infrastructure, and the promotion of innovation.
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