Clix/ADSL - a prohibition against charging €2/month on account of portability has been approved

ANACOM  has determined upon Novis, by determination of 25 May 2006, that it ceases within 15 working days at the most, the billing and collecting of the additional monthly payment of 2 euros, charged for the provision of portability in the Clix/ADSL  service provision contracts. It has also been determined that the corresponding advertising, in the website of that company or in any other location whereat the respective provision conditions have been made available, cease immediately.
In fact, the associated tariff, under the terms of which the “maintenance of the PT telephone number” (portability) is charged €2 (2 euros) per month, was deemed to be incompatible with the Portability Regulation - Regulation no. 58/2005, published on 18 August 2005.
This determination was adopted following the adoption of the corresponding draft decision, approved by determination of 6 April 2006.


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