Review of the regulatory framework for electronic communications (Review 2006)

Within the scope of the regulatory framework for electronic communications (Review 2006), the European Commission will publish, by July 2006, a Communication concerning the new Report on the functioning of the regulatory framework in force, which will be complemented by a document comprising possible changes to that framework. Following this Communication, a public consultation will be launched, which shall last until September 2006.

The public presentation of the Communication is planned for 13 July, in Brussels, a workshop having also been provisionally planned for 20 September 2006, to take place in Brussels. Both sessions will be open to all interested parties, however prior registration is required.

For more information on this subject, namely on how to register for the mentioned sessions, please consult the website of the Commission, wherein such information will be made available in due course, in the Review 2006 area.

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