LLU prices in force as from 1 January 2006

ANACOM approved, by determination of 13 April 2006, the price ceiling for the monthly local loop payment, to enter into force on 1 January 2006. In this scope, price ceilings amounting to € 8,99 and € 2,51 for the monthly local loop payment were established for the full access and shared access modalities, respectively, being incumbent upon PT Comunicações (PTC) to amend accordingly the Reference Unbundling Offer (RUO), within a 10-working-day deadline.

This determination integrates the report of the prior hearing of interested parties on the corresponding draft decision, approved by determination of 14 December 2005, which comprises the view of ANACOM as well as the assessment of replies received on the part of Telemilénio - Telecomunicações Unipessoal, Lda (Tele2), Onitelecom - Infocomunicações, SA (Oni), Sonaecom - SGPS, SA (Sonaecom), and PT Comunicações, SA (PTC).

For more information, please consult the  Local Loop Unbundling area of this website.


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