ANACOM authorizes extension of WiMAX testing period

Further to a request by PT Comunicações (PTC), ANACOM extended the authorization granted for technical tests with the WiMAX type BWA (broadband wireless access) systems.

This extension includes the maintenance of all conditions of the authorization first issued for the technical tests. Therefore, it does not result in any compromise, obligation or constraint regarding the future use of WiMAX type systems in Portugal, nor any bond by ANACOM, or any right, expectation or legally protected interest for PTC regarding rights of use resulting from the FWA consultation process or from a possible future process for the authorization of WiMAX.

ANACOM keeps following the international debate on the roll-out of the WiMAX technology, focusing on technical aspects (e.g., technical solutions, spectrum, and standards) and on the applying regulatory framework, aiming at harmonizing the solutions to be adopted. Thus, this technology’s framework in Portugal will take into account the solutions that might emerge from that debate, particularly in Europe.

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