Conclusions of the European Council and of the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council meetings (EU)

Two meetings of the Council of the European Union were held at the end of March, with the prime-ministers of the Member States on 23 and 24 March, and the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy ministers on 27 March.

The issue of international roaming services was discussed at the European Council meeting, and the reduction of these services’ costs was recognized as an important factor for competitiveness in Europe. Taking into account the importance of the new communication technologies, the Council also mentioned that the i2010 Strategy should be thoroughly implemented, and invited the next Presidency to analyze this matter before the end of 2006.

The Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council meeting considered the European global navigation satellite system Galileo’s recent developments. The European Commission informed about the undergoing negotiations, in the scope of this system’s concession, with the entity responsible for managing Galileo, Galileo Joint Undertaking (GJU). These negotiations already resulted in the signature of an agreement of principles, and the main risks involved in the development and construction of a system of this nature are still being analyzed. The Council stated the need for public-private risk sharing and asked the Commission to present more information on the way forward for third-country participation in Galileo and on the conclusions of the negotiations with the GJU, and to put forward proposals regarding the financial instruments needed for the development of Galileo.

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