Public consultation (second phase) on international roaming tariffs

The European Commission launched on 3 April 2006 the second phase of the consultation process on the draft Regulation on international roaming services’ tariffs in the European Union (EU). This draft Regulation includes, among other measures, the definition of the “domestic price” principle for the use of roaming services within the EU, according to which a land mobile service customer travelling to another EU Member State should always and only pay the prices that they usually pay at the country where they reside.

The public consultation is aimed at all interested parties, particularly land mobile service operators, consumers and commerce and consumer defence associations. Comments should be e-mailed to the address until 12 May 2006.

The first phase of this public consultation took place last February, and the Regulation will predictably come into force in the second half of 2007.

The European Commission also launched the International Roaming Tariffs website, available since October 2005 and updated in March 2006. ANACOM, on the other hand, released an area dedicated to international roaming on its website.

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