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ANACOM is today bringing online a new area about roaming - a service that is seen as essential for the general development of communications. This area of the site will be a source of information about prices and other issues that the public should be aware of when using their phones abroad.

The initiative is in line with an information campaign about international roaming being led by the European Commission and the national regulators under the European Regulators Group. Their principal objective is to make tariffs more transparency and help clarify the queries that users of roaming have about prices and conditions of use.

Therefore in the new website area, ANACOM has answered a range of frequently asked questions about roaming, giving users important and useful information on such issues as tariff conditions, receiving calls and using voicemail. These details are especially important when conditions for roaming differ from those applicable when using your phone within Portugal without roaming.

The European Commission has also launched a site on International Roaming Tariffs, which has been up and running since October 2005 and was updated in March 2006. In addition The Commission has begun work on the preparation of a new regulation on international roaming tariffs, which could be submitted to the European Parliament and Council in June. European Commissioner, Viviane Reding has already presented a proposal for the principals that this regulation should be based on, and a public consultation about the regulation should be launched on 3rd April, closing on 28th April. The first phase of this consultation, which ran in February, set out to define the principles that should form the backbone of the new regulation. The regulation is expected to come into force in the second half of 2007.


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