ANACOM detects portability non-compliances and opens infringement proceedings against operators

Following several monitoring actions, and having found, in some situations consistently, that specific aspects of the Portability Regulation failed to be complied with, ANACOM makes available today a communication which aims to draw attention to the need for compliance with provisions of the referred Regulation, namely as regards the deadline to provide for the portability of mobile telephone numbers and the consequent obligation to pay compensation due to users for each day of delay in concluding the process.

Within this context, ANACOM recommends that providers disclose to users, in a prominent and clear manner, on operators’ websites, shops and other sales points, the necessary information to clarify users on  three-day deadline to provide for the portability of mobile numbers, as well as on the right to compensation where the deadline is not observed.

ANACOM has in the meanwhile determined the opening of infringement proceedings against 16 companies on account of detected non-compliances.