NOVIS offer of 7/12/2004

The service offer of access to the public telephone network at a fixed location and of telephone service at a fixed location, submitted by NOVIS on 7 December 2004, was the subject-matter of a deliberation approved today by the board of directors of ANACOM.

The adopted draft decision comprises the following items:

1. The use of GSM frequencies of the mobile terrestrial network of OPTIMUS over the network of local access for the provision of voice services at a fixed location by NOVIS is allowed, with the typical features of the service as presented to ANACOM on 7.12.2004;

2. The right to use the numbering range “2” of the national numbering plan (NNP) is acknowledged within the scope of that service, provided that the mobility associated to the terminal is restricted to the inevitable limit in order to ensure the access at a fixed location, having regard to the technology used;

3. It is determined upon NOVIS that it presents clear and transparent information to end users on the referred service, namely clarifying the following items:

a) Service coverage zone, including possible limitations at indoor accessibility level;

b) Impact at the level of caller location for calls made to the single European emergency call number (112).

This determination has been submitted to the prior hearing of NOVIS and OPTIMUS, pursuant to articles 100 et seq. of the Code of Administrative Procedure, as well as to the general consultation procedure, pursuant to paragraph 2 of article 20 of Law no. 5/2004 of 10 February. The time limit for presentation of observations has been set, for both cases, at 10 working days.

The effective provision by NOVIS of the service under consideration is subject to the decision taken following these procedures.