East Timor becomes 192nd member state of ITU

East Timor became the 192nd effective member state of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) (União Internacional das Telecomunicações) (UIT).

“We are delighted to welcome East Timor to the ITU, and hope that by working together we will promote rapid development of information and communication technologies(ICT) in the country”, said, ITU Secretary General Hamadoun Toure.

 “We are delighted to welcome Timor-Leste to the ITU fold, and hope that by working together we will help drive rapid ICT development across the country,” said ITU secretary-general Dr Hamadoun Toure

Segundo os últimos dados da UIT, referentes a 2009, Timor-Leste apresentava uma baixa taxa de penetração do serviço telefónico fixo (0,2 por cento), enquanto a penetração da telefonia móvel já era de 29,1 por cento, tendo nesse ano crescido cerca de 200 por cento.

According to the latest ITU data in reffering to 2009, East Timor had a low penetration rate of fixed telephone services (0.2 per cent), while mobile penetration rate was 29.1 per cent, representing a growth of about 200 per cent.

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