Commission Communication on the information society

The Commission Communication ''Challenges for Europe’s Information Society beyond 2005'', of 19 November 2004, is the starting point to the reflection that will end with the adoption of a new strategy to the European information society, as from the beginning of 2006.

This document identifies the main challenges to the coherent development of the information society in Europe, as follows: removal of barriers to the development of new services and contents; consolidation of the consumer citizens trust in the information society services; increase of the interoperability of the new information and communication technologies (ICT) applications; investment need and efficient use of ICT, namely, by the small and medium enterprises (SME), in order to increase the competitiveness of the European tissue of society; and the incentive to the application of the e-inclusion policies.

Since the current eEurope Action Plan ends in 2005, the Commission is meanwhile going to consult the European Parliament, the European Social and Economic Committee, the Regions Committee and the eEurope Advisory Group, inviting as well the member-States to take an active role in the elaboration of the new policy for the information society in the European Union.

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