Information society - new strategy

A new strategy for the information society and the transformation of the Mission Unit for Innovation and Knowledge (UMIC) into an Agency for the Knowledge-based Society are two measures recently approved by the Government to leverage the information society.

The document “To renew the commitment, to enlarge horizons – strategy for the information and knowledge-based society in 2005 and 2006” constitutes the Government’ action plan to “place Portugal in the forefront of the pathway towards the objectives set up in the Lisbon Strategy – to live in a cohered and jointly liable Europe towards a most competitive economy in the world.”

Among the various measures foreseen, we underline the following ones:

  • To improve public services in order to better satisfy citizens and civil servants;
  • To create conditions for massification of the broadband Internet (through regulatory measures, development of community networks in unfavourable regions, fostering of electronic commerce and use of electronic invoices as well as reinforcement of the work developed within the scope of the National Initiative for Broadband);
  • To promote more initiative and more innovation (through, namely, implementation of networks and protocols of next generation, such as the IPv6);
  • To match resources to specific communities (maintaining and promoting projects such as "Broadband in schools", b-on, e-U – Virtual Campus and optical fibre network for higher education).

Sector projects are also foreseen such as implementation, in 2005, of the SIRESP project – Integrated system of the emergency and safety networks in Portugal and development of an information campaign on the use of the Internet and computer criminality.  In addition, several transversal projects, such as the promotion of the benefits from using broadband Internet, implementation of the eAccessibility project, development of the citizen portal and the national programme for e-buying and approval of incentives to the acquisition of new equipment offers of access to broadband.

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