ANACOM debates Internet neutrality on 6 October

ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações is hosting an international conference on the theme of Net Neutrality – Regulation of Networks and Regulation of Content, on 6 October. The event, which is ANACOM's 4th international conference, will be held in Lisbon, in the Grande Auditório of Culturgest, located at the head office of Caixa Geral de Depósitos.

The goal of the conference is to promote debate on issues related to network neutrality, a concept which is associated with the behaviour of network operators in the light of the different types of protocols, applications and content, as well as with access by Internet users to the applications and services which they use.

The conference will debate, from a regulatory, market and consumer perspective, the challenges faced by regulators, especially in terms of traffic management and prioritisation of services, transparency of information and consumer protection, ex-post and ex-ante regulatory intervention and the role of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) and of the European Commission.

The opening session will be attended by ANACOM’s Chairman, José Amado da Silva; the Minister for Public Works, Transport and Communications, António Mendonça; and Timothy Wu, professor at Columbia Law School.

The various panels will be moderated by Azeredo Lopes, Chairman of the ERC; Manuel Sebastião, President of AdC; and Eduardo Cardadeiro, Member of ANACOM’s management board. Speakers include Luis Magalhães of UMIC; Nadia Trainar of France’s sectorial regulator; Ian Fogg of Forrester Research; Carlos Brazão of Cisco; Teresa Moreira, Director-General of the Consumer; and Jacques Sahel of Skype.

Participation in the conference is open to all and is free. However, prior registration is required on ANACOM’s website, no later than 4th October.